YouTube SEO – How to Optimize Videos

Make a great video
The first and the most important rule of YouTube SEO: only high-quality videos may apply.
One of the most significant ranking factors for a video is the number of users that watch it from the beginning to the end. This is also commonly called user retention. If users quit the movie before it’s over, it is not different from bouncing off, except with much more severe effects. Your video will need to be great; most of the audiences will stay and watch the video from the beginning to the end. To reiterate: make a fantastic video or nothing will work.
It doesn’t matter how great you are at SEO; if the video is bad, it will simply not rank high. YouTube works in a similar way to democracy in that users are the ones who decide which videos deserve to have a high rank. No other platform takes the “content is king “principle as serious as YouTube. This is why you need to create a great video before you even start thinking about SEO. Start strong, or don’t start at all.

YouTube Keyword Research
At this point, Google and YouTube will not be able to know the content of the video in your video file. This is why you will need to use textual clues in order to enable these platforms to connect your video to the relative keywords users are searching for.
The first step involved in YouTube SEO is to make sure that the video file is properly named. For instance, if the video has a name like movie_123, YouTube will find it hard to place the video in the proper search lists. So, you should find the video on your computer, right click on it, and choose to rename it. Make use of long-tail keywords that give the platform an idea of what your video is about. If you decide to name it the same title as you want on YouTube, YouTube will automatically pull that title when you upload your video.

Video Metadata
Usually, when we are discussing metadata with regard to a video, we’re referring to each of the visual and textual data that helps it. Interestingly enough, the time period that metadata was the important factor that determines the significance of a movie to a certain search query is melting off. The world wide web is evolving and today YouTube and Google are shifting to machine learning for object recognition. This essentially means that YouTube can currently recognize objects in movies and understand their content. This brings us to a decision that metadata may not be as crucial as it’s before.
On the other, metadata is exactly what users see first when they come across your video. So your job here is to organize it in such a manner that I am relevant, appealing and even more important, clickable.

Make the Thumbnail Truly Attractive
YouTube’s search results provide you with even more control over what a potential viewer sees because you have a thumbnail displayed next to your search result. It is a fantastic opportunity to offer additional information about the video and what viewers can expect, so optimizing your thumbnails can help you increase both your watch time and click-through rate.
Luckily, custom pictures could be uploaded as your video’s thumbnail, so you are not limited to just a still frame from the video. Based on information from YouTube, about 90 percent of top-performing videos on the system frequently use a custom thumbnail. In accordance with YouTube, your thumbnail like your title is also one of the significant parts of metadata for your video. So so as to benefit from this, you need to save your image files with your keyword included in the file name. It is another excess way of signaling your video that is pertinent to that specific keyword.

Optimize Your YouTube Channel
Once you have created quality content keeping your SEO strategy in mind. One of the most important things that you have to do now is to optimize your YouTube Channel in order to attract more relevant traffic and increase the number of subscribers. The overall channel needs to be interesting enough to get the desired number of subscribers. Once you have added your art and links to your channel, you should add a trailer and a featured video for your channel.
The channel should also have a trailer which auto-play for all visitors to your YouTube channel that have not subscribed to it. The featured video will appear (but will not auto-play) for users that are already subscribed to your channel. The videos you choose can be the same video or they can be two different videos and they will appear below the channel art.

Start Your Promotions
Although, optimizing your content is an effective way to get organic traffic to your YouTube channel (or videos), promoting your videos is also beneficial too. This is not just a great way for you to get more viewers for your videos, but it also has SEO benefits. You can promote your videos in the following ways.
You can start by promoting your videos in a variety of platforms. Otherwise, you may make a link to these videos in Quora to relevant questions. And also, another terrific way to direct visitors to your own videos is to share them in your Facebook pages. Although promoting your videos is very important, the principal purpose is to direct people to all your videos and not just a particular one. This is just like how you want readers to go through your entire website and not just one web page. This may be done in the same manner that you would market a movie. Alternatively, you could even link your playlists on specific forums if it is relevant to that website.

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